Forge Pro team

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Join the Forge Pro Team

We are looking for Portland's best athletes to represent Forge Parkour at events and competitions. We are looking for Speed, Skill, and Style athletes to fill out our roster. We are currently accepting UP TO 3 skill, 3 speed, and 2 style athletes. Pro team members may compete outside their division, but must commit to training in their accepted category.

Submissions must be made by January 5th, and applicants will be informed if they're moving to the next round by January 12th. Qualifying applicants will have a chance to compete for a spot on the team January 26th.

What we need

  • Submission video showcasing ability in at least one of the three categories (No more than 1 minute per category)

  • Written description of Parkour experience and practice habits

  • A way to contact you if your submission is accepted

  • We need to know what division/divisions you are submitting for


  • At least 16 years of age

  • Willingness to commit to training 2+ times a week

  • Ability to attend events and competitions locally and nationally

Submissions can be sent to .  Good luck everyone!