Private Lessons

You can have a private lesson at our gym from during non class hours.  This rents you the entire gym for the hour with one of our coaches.  What gets taught in a private lesson is up to you.  Our staff will cater the lesson to your needs as best as they can.  Call, email, or contact the front desk to book a session.

Members Price: $100/hour
Public Price: $120/hour


Semi Private Lessons

This is a new option we are offering!  A semi private lesson is done during any open gym time.  These semi private lessons can be bought in 1/2 hour or 1 hour increments.  This way your not renting out the entire gym but you still get one on one instruction with one of our coaches.   Send us an email at or talk to a front desk staff to book one.

Member Price: $30/ 1/2 hour or $60/hour
Public Price: $40/ 1/2 hour or $80/ hour