Now Selling Shirts!

The shirts have arrived!  There are three different styles, and each style has two color options for a total of six types of shirts.  For a limited time the shirts only cost $20.  Once the gym is open you will have the option to pick up the shirts at the location.  Click the button below to purchase a shirt!  If you are looking for a size that we don't currently offer, send us an email and we will put it in the next batch order.  Pleas allow one week for shirts to arrive at your address.

Donna and Niko's favorite shirt is the Black "Forged in Portland" with white ink and Austin's favorite is the Purple "Gear" shirt.


On Wednesday Austin, Niko, and Donna went to Mt.Tabor to take the photos for the website.  Below are a few of the resulting pictures.


It would not have been a proper photo shoot with out some outtakes.  Here are our favorites.