August Construction Update

Here is the longer construction update.  Austin gives a quick tour of the build process so far.

          The outside of the building has been going a bit slower than we were originally told.  There was a construction delay with the siding, but they have begun putting the insulation into place. 

        The interior of the building has been going up fast!  We have had a lot of help from volunteers with working on the parkour structures.  They build process would not being going so quick if it were not for them.  One of our main structures is almost completed and we have started to plywood the second main structure.  We should have the main lights for the building start working soon.

         Unfortunately we still don't feel comfortable announcing an official opening date because we don't want to have to push it back.  We thank all of you for your patience with the build process, we should be announcing our grande opening in the next couple of weeks.

Austin Schatz