NAPC Area Event at Forge May 26-27

Thanks for checking out this post!  With the NAPC event coming up I thought I would take a moment to explain what the NAPC is and how the event will run at Forge Parkour. 

What is the NAPC?

NAPC stands for North American Parkour Championship.  This championship is put on by Sport Parkour League.  Sport Parkour League hosts multiple area and regional events around the country.  This is the first year that getting into the championships (Origins Parkour Pro and Apex International) is being done this way.  The sport of Parkour has been evolving for many years and with it, how to have a country wide competition that brings together the whole community.

How do Athletes Qualify for the Finals (Origins Parkour Pro and the Apex International)?

Events at different gyms are broken up into three categories: Area, Regional, and Finals.  Athletes can qualify for a spot in the finals by earning points at the area and regional events.  The top 5 finishers in the open division for men and women will earn points.  The 1st place finisher at each regional event will instantly qualify for a spot in the finals.  There is also an onsite qualifier for each final event. 
At Forge we are an area event.  The top 5 finishers in the open divisions will earn points towards their total.  At the end of the season all points will be added up to determine an overall champion.

What Divisions will be held at Forge?

We will be hosting the following divisions:
U17 (13-17)
Open (all ages, women and men)
Masters (40+)

There are 3 different competition types: Skill, Speed, and Style. Athletes can choose to participate in any number of the competition types.  Only athletes in the open divisions can earn points towards the finals and championship.  Even if you don't want to compete in the finals this will be an incredible event to participate in.  I have listed a brief overview of each competition style at the end of the blog.

What is the cost?

Every athletes who participates in the NAPC must purchase a $25 annual pass from Sport Parkour League.  These can be purchased on their website.  The link to their website is at the end of the post.

The cost for our area event is $25 for a single event or $45 for multiple events.

Don't feel like participating?  Come watch some incredible local and traveling athletes.  Cost to watch each day is only $5! 

Competition Style Information

In this event athletes will complete two courses with their times being weighted and formulated to determine the winner.
Specific start times for each division have not been finalized and are dependent on the number of athletes competing

The skill competition will take place in 3 rounds:

Round 1: Jam Style
custom designed challenges will be placed around the gym for athletes to compete.
Round 2: Timed Course
Competitors will attempt to complete a 5 challenge course in under 2 minutes.
Round 3: 3 Trials
competitors will have 5 attempts to complete 3 separate challenges.

The jam round will take place Saturday May 26th for all divisions.  U13, U17, Masters, and Women's open divisions will complete the rest of the rounds on Saturday.  Men's open division will finish on Sunday May 27th.

The style competition will take place in 3 rounds:

Round 1: Flow
Competitors are rewarded for connecting movements in a short run on a designated course.
Round 2: Flow
Top competitors move into a second flow round
Round 3: Big Trick
Competitors can utilize the entire playing field to show off their best move or short combination.

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Sport Parkour League

Sign up for the Forge Parkour area event

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