Our classes are broken up into different level requirements.  All students are required to have a signed waiver to participate in a class or an open gym.  Students can still take classes at a previous level after tesing into a higher level.

Classes for Level 3 Students and Above

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Parkour Level 3

Students in this class have learned and refined the basics of Parkour. In level 3, students work on advanced applications and challenges to explore the more technical side of Parkour. Students will work on abstract applications of movement to challenge them both mentally and physically. Students may test into Level 3 during any Open Gym. 

To qualify for level 3 students must show comfort demonstrating challenges involving the following skills.  No mats or foam object allowed to be used during test.

  • 7’6” foot precision jump at height

  • Running/Standing Cat at height

  • Drop Precision to a bar

  • Balance across scaffolding at height

  • Ascending Cat 180

  • Double Kong

  • Dive Kong

  • Kong Precision to a beam at 5' from base of vault

  • Level 2 climb up from hanging cat