Our classes are broken up into different level requirements.  All students are required to have a signed waiver to participate in a class or an open gym.  Students can still take classes at a previous level after testing into a higher level.

Classes for level 2 and above

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Parkour Level 2

Level 2 is where students will move past the basics and start exploring more challenging applications of the movements they’ve learned. Students will begin to explore the mental game of Parkour as they approach ever increasing challenges at ground and at height.  Participation in these classes is not possible without PRIOR staff approval.  Students may test into Level 2 during any Open Gym.

Current Level 2 Requirements- students are expected to reliably demonstrate

  • 6’ precision jump – must be off the ground

  • Drop Precision 4’ to precision trainer

  • Climbing Challenge

  • Rail Balance – Ground level 2 bars length, no wood

  • Balance across a beam 9’ above the ground

  • Step Vault both sides – landing thread foot first

  • Lazy Vault both sides – Thief or Lazy

  • Drop to Parkour Roll both sides – No mat

  • Kong mount to hip height obstacle – must be a wooden obstacle

  • 5’ Wall climb with level 2 climb up – No elbows no Knees

Time Trials

Time trials is a competition preparatory class where students will build tools   to stay calm and perform under pressure.  Test your speed as you race though our challenging landscape.  Coaches will create new courses each session to keep you on your toes.  Develop your abilities and improve your confidence while performing with speed and power.


Flow is a level 2 class designed to work on transitions, connections, and line creation. In this class students will start to refine their movement and style. This class will challenge students to think outside of the box and find new ways to explore their movement.