Our classes are broken up into different level requirements.  All students are required to have a signed waiver to participate in a class or an open gym.  Students can still take classes at a previous level after testing into a higher level.

Classes for Level 1 Students and above

Parkour Level 1

IMG_9697 A.jpg

Building off of the fundamentals learned in Intro to Parkour, Parkour 1 will refine the basics and teach new applications and techniques. This class will focus on building movement comfort with ground level obstacles, as well as improving movement comprehension for Parkour 2.

Students may test into Parkour 1 during any Open Gym.  Students must demonstrate the following.

  • Cat

  • Underbar

  • Lache

  • Parkour Roll - Forward and Back

  • Back fall onto the Porto-Pit

  • Step Vault

  • Lazy Vault

  • Kong Mount or Ground Kong

  • Precision Jump

  • Soft Landing

  • Kick Stop

Pewee Parkour (ages 18-36 month)

Your kids will have a ton of fun at this unique movement class.  Peewee Parkour is for kids ages 18 - 36 month and their parents.  We know how important this age is for kids motor and social development.  With the guidance of one of our coaches parents will help students learn bilateral movement, balance, group social skills, and the basics of parkour.  Each class consists of 45 minutes of lessons followed by 15 minutes of free time to help burn off any extra energy.  Parent participation is required for this class.  

Parkour (3-6)

Your kids will develop important movement skills all while having fun at this Parkour class for children ages 3-6. Kids will learn obstacle maneuvering, climbing, rolling, balancing, and landing techniques. At the Tuesday class parent participation is optional for students who have demonstrated the ability to follow simple directions on their own.

Parkour Games

Utilizing our gym space we’ll explore some twists on classic schoolyard games like tag, dodge ball, and capture the flag. Additional games designed in house will be introduced in this funtastic hour long class.


Students will be challenged to adapt as they fatigue in this endurance based class.  Parcours provides a focused opportunity to get a lot of applied movement practice.  Parcours requires a drive to work hard and an understanding of basic parkour concepts.

Parkour Fit

Designed with the intention of longevity of movement in mind, Parkour Fit aspires to give you the strength and coordination you need to practice Parkour safely. This class is designed for students of all fitness levels, as all movements practiced can be modified based on skill and strength. Students must be 13 years or older to participate in this class.


Flips class focuses on teaching beginner acrobatic movements commonly used in Parkour. Students will practice and progress a variety of tumbling moves and flips.

Home School Classes

These are parkour classes offered earlier in the day when public school is normally in session designed for students in the home school community.  If you are interested in a class time that is not on our schedule please send an email to contact@forgeparkour.com as we are looking to expand our program.