Parkour Expo

October 19th

This is a time to show off your skills in a fun environment.  The event will run similar to a competition but is more focused on having fun, challenging yourself, and measuring your progress.  There are no categories of athlete, everyone will be on the floor at the same time. Below are descriptions based on your choice of event. we are encouraging our students to participate in multiple events.


See how fast you can go from A-B in timed courses.  Courses are designed so that everyone, from a new student to our pro team athletes, can compete them. You get 2 attempts on each course.  Your best times from each course get added together for your total time.


40 challenges will be set up around the gym.  Challenges are set up with 4 levels of difficulty.  You will have one hour to complete as many challenges as possible.  The more challenges you complete the more points you get.  


This is your time to be creative.  After practice time you will have the chance to impress our panel of judges.  Flips, spins, rolls, jumps, handstands, shants, whatever you can do. Judges will be looking for how well you can connect moves, the difficulty, and execution of your line.

Cost per Event

Members: $10
Public: $15