Our classes are broken up into different level requirements.  All students are required to have a signed waiver to participate in a class or an open gym.  Students can still take classes at a previous level after testing into a higher level.

Classes for New and beginning Students

Parkour Fit (13+)

Designed with the intention of longevity of movement in mind, Parkour Fit aspires to give you the strength and coordination you need to practice Parkour safely. This class is designed for students of all fitness levels, as all movements practiced can be modified based on skill and strength. Students must be 13 years or older to participate in this class.





Intro to Parkour

This is a required series of four classes for all NEW students. You can test out of Intro to Parkour during any open gym. Intro to Parkour teaches the fundamentals of Parkour to prepare students for regular classes. Students must have taken all four intro classes before moving on to Parkour 1.  All four classes can be taken in one week, or finished over the course of a few weeks or months. Sessions do not need to be attended in order.

All four classes have an emphasis on safety, and teach a variety of movements. The four classes are:

  • Ukemi (Landing, Rolling, and falling)

  • Vaults

  • Tacs and Cats

  • Bar Safety and Climbing

Parkour (3-6)

Your kids will develop important movement skills all while having fun at this Parkour class for children ages 3-6. Kids will learn obstacle maneuvering, climbing, rolling, balancing, and landing techniques. At the Tuesday class parent participation is optional for students who have demonstrated the ability to follow simple directions on their own.

Pewee Parkour (ages 18-36 month)

Your kids will have a ton of fun at this unique movement class.  Peewee Parkour is for kids ages 18 - 36 month and their parents.  We know how important this age is for kids motor and social development.  With the guidance of one of our coaches parents will help students learn bilateral movement, balance, group social skills, and the basics of parkour.  Each class consists of 45 minutes of lessons followed by 15 minutes of free time to help burn off any extra energy.  Parent participation is required for this class.  

Home School Classes

These are parkour classes offered earlier in the day when public school is normally in session designed for students in the home school community.  If you are interested in a class time that is not on our schedule please send an email to contact@forgeparkour.com as we are looking to expand our program.