All classes are for ages 7+ except for Parkour (3-6) which is for ages 3-6.
New students must complete the Intro to Parkour class series or start in Parkour Fit (13+) before going to other classes or open gyms.
All participants are required to have a waiver signed; students under 18 need a parent or legal guardian to sign for them.


Intro to Parkour

This is a required series of four classes for all NEW students. You can test out of Intro to Parkour during any open gym. Intro to Parkour teaches the fundamentals of Parkour to prepare students for regular classes. Students must have taken all four intro classes before moving on to Parkour 1.  All four classes can be taken in one week, or finished over the course of a few weeks or months. Sessions do not need to be attended in order.

All four classes have an emphasis on safety, and teach a variety of movements. The four classes are:

  • Ukemi (Landing, Rolling, and falling)
  • Vaults
  • Tacs and Cats
  • Bar Safety and Climbing

An alternative route for new students is to start in Parkour Fit (13+).  This route may take longer to learn the techniques and advance to Parkour level 1

Parkour Level 1

Building off of the fundamentals learned in Intro to Parkour, Parkour 1 will refine the basics and teach new applications and techniques. This class will focus on building movement comfort with ground level obstacles, as well as improving movement comprehension for Parkour 2.

Students may test into Parkour 1 during any Open Gym.  Students must demonstrate the following.

  • Step Vault
  • Lazy Vault
  • Kong Mount or Ground Kong
  • Precision Jump
  • Soft Landing
  • Kick Stop
  • Cat
  • Underbar
  • Lache
  • Parkour Roll - Foward and Back
  • Back fall onto the Porto-Pit

Parkour (3-6)

This is a Parkour level 1 class that is designed for children ages 3-6.  The coach will teach the basics of Parkour scaled down to fit the needs of younger students.  Parents/ Guardians will assist their kids as they learn vaulting, climbing, rolling, and landing techniques.  Parent/ Guardian participation is required.  Parents/ Guardians get into the class for free with the purchase of a class for a child.  There must be 1 parent/ Guardian per child participating.  Class size is capped at 14 kids.

Parkour Level 2

Level 2 is where students will move past the basics and start exploring more challenging applications of the movements they’ve learned. Students will begin to explore the mental game of Parkour as they approach ever increasing challenges at ground and at height.  Participation in these classes is not possible without PRIOR staff approval.  Students may test into Level 2 during any Open Gym.

Current Level 2 Requirements- students are expected to reliably demonstrate

  • Step Vault both sides – landing thread foot first
  • Lazy Vault both sides – Thief or Lazy
  • Drop to Parkour Roll both sides – No mat
  • Kong mount to hip height obstacle – must be a wooden obstacle
  • 5’ Wall climb with level 2 climb up – No elbows no Knees
  • 6’ precision jump – must be off the ground
  •  Drop Precision 4’ to precision trainer
  • Climbing Challenge
  • Rail Balance – Ground level 2 bars length, no wood
  • Balance across a beam 9’ above the ground

Parkour Level 3

Students in this class have learned and refined the basics of Parkour. In level 3, students work on advanced applications and challenges to explore the more technical side of Parkour. Students will work on abstract applications of movement to challenge them both mentally and physically. Students may test into Level 3 during any Open Gym. 

To qualify for level 3 students must show comfort demonstrating challenges involving the following skills.  No mats or foam object allowed to be used during test.

  • Ascending Cat 180
  • Double Kong
  • Dive Kong
  • Kong Precision to a beam at 5' from base of vault
  • Level 2 climb up from hanging cat
  • 7’6” foot precision jump at height
  • Running/Standing Cat at height
  • Drop Precision to a bar
  • Balance across scaffolding at height

Parkour Games

Utilizing our gym space we’ll explore some twists on classic schoolyard games like tag, dodge ball, and capture the flag. Additional games designed in house will be introduced in this funtastic hour long class.


Students will be challenged to adapt as they fatigue in this endurance based class.  Parcours provides a focused opportunity to get a lot of applied movement practice.  Parcours requires a drive to work hard and an understanding of basic parkour concepts.

Parkour Fit

Designed with the intention of longevity of movement in mind, Parkour Fit aspires to give you the strength and coordination you need to practice Parkour safely. This class is designed for students of all fitness levels, as all movements practiced can be modified based on skill and strength. Students must be 13 years or older to participate in this class.


Flips class focuses on teaching beginner acrobatic movements commonly used in Parkour. Students will practice and progress a variety of tumbling moves and flips.

Time Trials

Time trials is a competition preparatory class where students will build tools   to stay calm and perform under pressure.  Test your speed as you race though our challenging landscape.  Coaches will create new courses each session to keep you on your toes.  Develop your abilities and improve your confidence while performing with speed and power.

Time Trials Requirements

  • Actively participating in at least Parkour 2, or coach approval.


Flow is a level 2 class designed to work on transitions, connections, and line creation. In this class students will start to refine their movement and style. This class will challenge students to think outside of the box and find new ways to explore their movement.

Home School Classes

These are parkour classes offered earlier in the day when public school is normally in session designed for students in the home school community.  If you are interested in a class time that is not on our schedule please send an email to as we are looking to expand our program.


Open Gym

Open gym is a constructive practice time for students to continue developing their skills.  We encourage students to participate in classes and open gym session for optimal progression.  We recommend students under 15 have participated in at least 3 classes, students under 10 require parent supervision during the first visit.

Family Open Gym

Do you have a little one that is too young to take a class or regular open gym? Well this is the time for them to come play around in the gym. Family Open Gym is for families with children 3 and older. Kids 4 and under must be within arms reach of a parent/guardian and kids 5-6 must be within 10 feet of a parent/guardian.  Older siblings are also welcome to join in on the fun. Kids are just $10 and parents/guardians are free.